Ransomware Prevention Solutions


Operational Technology Cybersecurity


Remediate, restore and resume your operations with Cybernite Intelligence's help. Our expert team specializes in dealing with complex security threats and minimizing harm to your critical infrastructure.
  1. Ransomware Readiness

    Ready your organization for multifaceted extortion and ransomware campaigns with our robust intelligence, control validation and security assessments. The Cybernite Intelligence team are frontline pros using real-life experience and unrivaled expertise to prepare your environment. The Cybernite Osiris Platform provides real-time access to the latest threats to help you implement safeguards in preparation for an attack.

  2. Ransomware Prevention

    Pinpoint the pre-ransomware activities and indicators by deploying active mitigation strategies. Prevention tactics help your organization bypass multifaceted extortion incidents and significant ransomware attacks.
    Cybernite Intelligence retainer service ensures you always have access to cyber defense experts 24/7. Our security specialists will identify past and active compromises and stop attacks quickly.

  3. Rapid Ransomware Response

    When attacks happen, you need a seasoned team to respond and reduce impact rapidly. The Cybernite Intelligence expert team takes decisive action to handle ransomware and extortion threats effectively. We offer comprehensive attack analysis, deliver crisis management across the entire attack lifecycle and help your organization operate business as usual without delay.

Benefits of Partnering With Us


Prepare and Protect Your Organization From Ransomware

Cybercriminals' tactics are becoming more sophisticated by the day. These bad actors are adept at bypassing conventional ransomware solutions and hiding in encrypted, trusted traffic. Cybernite Intelligence's robust solutions help you identify ransomware early, accelerating response and minimizing system damage.
Proactively protect your organization from ransomware today. Contact us to schedule a consultation for a customized solution. Our team is on standby for emergency assistance.